Cat Grooming Tool Hair Removal & Brush
Cat Grooming Tool Hair Removal & Brush
Cat Grooming Tool Hair Removal & Brush

Cat Grooming Tool Hair Removal & Brush

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  •    This a kind of toy that can make your lovely cat excited.
  •     It is a amazing toy for cats because you can play with your cat with variations and it even can help you and cat to exercise




      1. This product has received almost no bad reviews.

       2. Use imported raw materials.

       3. Does not harm pet skin.

       4. The inventory is huge.

       5. Simple installation and removal, easy to clean.

       6. Plane, edges and corners can be installed.

       7. Meet the needs of pet self-service massage.



  •     Animation pattern:grooming toy
  •     Size:   9x13cm
  •    Material:plastic

Package included:


  • 1pc x cat grooming toy
  • IF you want a green,you can place an note after you paid.
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